3-day safari (2 nights) at the Tsavo East and Amboseli Parks.
Jeep Safari departs from Watamu and overnight stay in a Lodge or Camp Tented accompanied by a local English speaking guide.
This Safari will take you to the foot of Kilimanjaro, famous for its perennial snow.
The package includes everything : transfers, park admissions and overnight stay.


Departure: Watamu – Malindi

Dates: Available everyday
(from July to March)

Time: Departure time is around 6:00 AM

Participants: 8 for a Jeep

Duration: 3 Days (2 nights)


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    06:00 AM Meeting and departing from the resort towards Tsavo East National Park

    10:00 AM Arrival at the park entrance, brief stop

    10:15 AM Entrance to the park and start of the first game drive

    12:30 PM Arrival at the lodge – Tended Camp

    01:00 PM Lunch and Relaxing until 15:30

    04:00 PM Second game drive starts until sunset

    08:00 PM Dinner and overnight stay


    06:00 AM Alarm clock and Breakfast

    06:30 AM Departure for Amboseli Park

    06:30 AM Entrance to the Park and short start “game drive”

    12:30 PM Arrival at the Lodge – Tended Camp

    01:00 PM Lunch and Relax until 15:30

    04:00 PM Departure for a new “game drive” until sunset

    08:00 PM Dinner and overnight stay


    06:00 AM Alarm clock and Breakfast

    09:00 AM Exit from Amboseli Park and start of the journey back to the resort.

    12:30 PM Lunch Break

    17:30 PM Arrival to the resort




    On this safari you can visit two very different parks admiring the variety of landscapes and nature.

    From the Amboseli Park you can see the majestic Kilimanjaro

    Possibility to visit Maasai Villages along the journey to and from the Park.

    Availability of an English, fluent speaking guide to accompany you for the entire safari period. (Optional)

    Full board meal plan on the selected lodges (drinks not included).

    All Safari vehicles i.e. Jeeps or minibuses, have a sun roof to ensure a 360 degrees view during game drives for ease of picture taking.

    Bottled water will be available for free during the game drives.


    The Amboseli National Park is one of the most famous parks in Kenya and is known as “the land of the giants” for its many elephants.

    In addition to the great variety of landscapes, we pass from the arid and barren savannah to the freshwater marshes, from the plains of grasses and shrubs to the reeds rich in reeds, its great charm is also due to the Kilimanjaro (5895 m) that stands out in the background.

    The large number of ponds where animals go to drink and cool off and its low vegetation ensures the sighting of numerous animals

    Inside the park, in addition to the elephants, you can also see rhinos, gazelles, impalas, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, hippos, ostriches, zebras, giraffes and a wide variety of birds.


    Lo Tsavo East National Tsavo East National Park is one of the must-see destinations for those who want to spot animals and is characterized by its famous red earth.

    It is the classic landscape of the African savannah, it has a lower and more sparse vegetation than in Tsavo West but for this reason it is easier to spot the animals.

    There you can find elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, gazelles, impalas, baboons, dik-diks, caracals, buffaloes, hyenas and a wide variety of birds.



    Our first Safari experience...

    5 5 1
    "... and it was awesome! We booked only the two days/one night formula in the park of Tsavo East. Baraka has been super kind while my fiancée were arranging the journey. Everything has being organized fair and neat, starting from the pickup in our hotel (Mawe Resort in Watamu). After 2 hours we reached the first checkpoint, right outside the Sala Gate. We got a flat tyre there, but after a short pit stop at Crocodile Camp nearby, our jeep was perfectly fit to take us into the park. Our accomodation was at Voi Wildlife Lodge, with buffet menu and a very nice view of the Savanah. The lodge is quite basic, but suitable and right next to the park entrance (Voi Gate). The driver Patrick was very kind and friendly, if I have to remark a thing, I would say his English resulted a little bit unfamiliar to us because of his very marked accent, and he could be more exaustive in describing the animals. Speaking of what, we had the chance to spot elephants (a lot!), giraffas, zebras, hyppos, impalas, cobos, warthogs, baboons, crocodiles, lions (only a small group and they were sleeping, regretfully!). We missed the doa doa (cheetah) and the leopard, better luck next time. In general, I have to say only positive feedback regarding this experience, I hope we will have the chance to repeat that, maybe in other Kenyan parks too."

    Excellent tours and guides

    5 5 1
    "There are so many reviews in Italian that I thought an English one would be useful to non-Italians. We organised a number of activities with Baraka and we were pleased with all of them. They picked us up at the airport. We visited Gede, Malinidi, the mangroves, a two night safari in Tsavo East and they they dropped us off in Mombasa for our onward journey. These activities were just for the two of us because of travel timing. The guides were great, the drivers excellent and the communication before, during and after the trip was superb. We organised and paid from London and all went off without a hitch. Trustworthy and very nice. Guides speak English and Italian. Recommend without hesitation."



      I agree with the treatment of my personal information
      I agree to the processing of my personal data for marketing and commercial communications